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Monguagon Chapter

Trenton, Michigan

Organized October 14, 1993



Chapter History


Monguagon Chapter, NSDAR covers 16 communities in what is called Downriver Detroit.  The area has a very strong Indian, French and British background.  It was a very popular spot for the area Indians (from both Canada and the Great Lakes) to convene due to its accessibility by water.  The area was called Monguagon Township when it was founded in 1827.


The Battle of Monguagon, during the War of 1812, was the only battle of that war won in Michigan by the Americans and led the way to Hullís surrender of Detroit a week later in August, 1812.


      The eighteen organizing members were:          


Ferolee Barron* 


Leona Beesley*


Shirley Bousamra*


Lee Anne Briese


Marjorie Bryan*


Peggy Butera


Mary Christiansen 


Charlotte Crandall**


Cleo Donovan*  


Gayle Farr


Kristin Ginther 


Carol Klingel*


Ursula Lentner* 


Lisa Labeau


Iris Martinsen  


Linda Mason


Margaret McMillin* 


Suzanne Williams






Dorothy Flanagan*


Charter Member



   **Organizing Regent





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